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Watchfaces .World

Personalizable on-chain NFTs that last a lifetime

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You can either customize a combination by picking out each trait, or mint a surprise combination for a fixed price of 0.12Ξ. Once a Watchface is minted, nobody else can mint its trait combination.

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Movement 2 is the next batch of Watchfaces with new materials and features. We'll email you once it's ready.

Made for You, Made to Last

When you buy a piece of art you usually know everything about it — but it doesn't know anything about you. Who are you? When did you buy it? The art has no idea. It sits there, blissfully ignorant of its own provenance.

But what if it wasn't just obvious that you owned something, but undeniable?

Watchfaces are NFTs that understand who owns them. When you buy a Watchface, your wallet address is inscribed around the bezel and the time you bought it is stamped onto the face — engraving your ownership directly into the design. If you resell, your Watchface will automatically evolve to reflect its new owner.

Each NFT is created entirely on-chain– meaning it can change over time and will continue to live as long as the Ethereum network exists.

Special visual attributes and benefits are unlocked after a Watchface is held for at least eight weeks. This includes special access to NFT accessories, early access to new releases, and more.

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Live in the Movement

Watchfaces will be sold in separate Movements: batches of NFTs. There will be 3600 Watchfaces total, with the first 360 currently sold out.

A Watchface is your key to accessories: add-on products that are only accessible through owning a Watchface NFT.

To read more about speculative future plans, check out our launch Tweet

The Blueprint

Every Watchface is rendered on-chain, completely dynamic, and built with Solidity-generated SVG components. Everything is live and upated with current data from the blockchain.

Components and data are all publicly usable as external libraries. All rendering logic and Watchface data are available for use in derivative projects.

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Internet-Native Luxury

Watchfaces.World is an experimental luxury brand that crafts digital goods for the next phase of the internet.

Currently, luxury brands largely do business by producing rare physical goods. While all of them are online, remarkably few (if any) have digitally native luxury items. This project is a step towards creating brands and products that don't just view the internet as a means of increasing distribution, but as a creative medium.

The goal of Watchfaces is to demonstrate how digital luxury goods can be shaped by both communities and the physical world. Instead of handing down the product from an ivory tower, we will involve patrons in all stages of the product’s creative process — serving as an experiment in collaborative digital couture.

For brand partnerships and general inquiries, please contact timekeeper [at] watchfaces [dot] world